75 Years: Guess this author

This popular author was born during World War I in beautiful Southern California.  Her first story, “Martian Quest,” appeared in 1940 in Astounding Stories.  During her career she wrote about the frontier, alien races, lost civilizations, and rugged heroes.  She wrote movies and television shows as well, and was credited with writing all or some of The Big Sleep, Rio Lobo, and The Empire Strikes Back.

Michael Moorcock wrote of her: “Echoes (of her work) can be heard in Delany, Zelazny and that whole school of writers who expanded sf’s limits and left us with some fine visionary extravaganzas … Others who have acknowledged her influence include Harlan Ellison, Philip Jose Farmer, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Gene Wolf, Tanith Lee, Karl Edward Wagner… The list goes on and on. ..  With Catherine Moore, Judith Merril and Cele Goldsmith, _____________is one of the true godmothers of the New Wave. Anyone who thinks they’re pinching one of my ideas is probably pinching one of hers.”

Can you guess who this author is?


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