Welcome to the world, Diana Comet!

Welcome to the world, Diana Comet! Today is your official debut. Thank you to Small Beer Press for selling you at Wiscon, and thanks to all my friends and strangers who bought copies.

To celebrate Diana’s birth, here’s a 3 minute movie about 117 great women writers, editors and publishers in the field of science fiction and fantasy. We’ve got ladies in there from the pioneers of the 1930’s to the Campbell winners of the 2000’s. It’s fast, fun and informative (I hope), and it was a lot of fun to put together.

You can also download your own free pdf of
75 Years of Fabulous Women, A Periodic Table
and pin it to the wall for inspiration, like mine is.

Please spread the word – the movie and periodic table are meant to be starting points for conversations in our field – conversations about forgotten legends, excellent stories, and gender inequality. Also, I’m open to suggestions for the next version 🙂 I hope you enjoy this.


One thought on “Welcome to the world, Diana Comet!

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