Ode to Australia

Trailer disclaimer:  No actors.  No Powerpoint.  No stop-motion animation.  No sock puppets.  No special effects.  No budget.  Made the old-fashioned way, listening to head-banging music in the middle of the night with Red Bull at my side as I hack into the world’s — no, wait, that’s Justin Long in Die Hard 3.  But there are spaceships, aliens, and kissing!  So give it a chance, wontcha?

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8 responses to “Ode to Australia

  1. Go Space: 1999!!!!!!!

    Such a clever trailer! I loved this book and can vouch for how well it captures the story. THE STARS BLUE YONDER is not to be missed.

  2. Erin Underwood

    Sandra, that’s brilliant!

    Is this the last book in the series or will there be more? :-)

  3. No, not UFO! (My husband made me watch the whole series….my eyes burned!!)

  4. Great trailer! I loved Space 1999, too. Let’s go build a base. We’ll call it Not-Space 2010 and all residents will be issued their very own copy of The Stars Blue Yonder. ;)

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  6. I’m headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up my copy….

  7. As an aussie, i can say… what a hoot!!!! LOL Found you searching for info on Zenna Henderson. :) Cheers, Donni

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