A nice review of Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots

“Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots,” Sandra McDonald, Strange Horizons – wow, I’ve never heard of this writer before this year and she has been putting out a whole bunch of extraordinary work. I particularly like the way she blends humorous writing with quite serious and crunchy themes, with great big ladles of sexuality, gender and other social issues. This story tells the tale of Kay, who demands that her robot-building ex-husband provides her with a team of sexy cowboy robots as part of her divorce settlement. The story explores the complex relationships Kay has with each of these robots throughout her long life, their various personalities, hopes and dreams, while the world slowly descends into the Big Freeze that means the end of everything… At times bleak, subversive, funny, smutty and hopeful, this is a great piece of science fiction that defies the more conventional ideas about how science fiction is supposed to behave. Keep an eye on this author! She’s interesting people.”

Thank you! Very nice.

Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth


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