Jacob Rogers, an openly gay teen in Ashland City, TN, killed himself with a gun just before the holidays.  His maternal grandmother and I share the same name, which is how his story ended up in my inbox.

“He wrote about family in the notes he left behind before his death, but there was no mention of bullying, authorities said. However, a friend told The Tennessean (http://tnne.ws/vYstEU ) that Rogers was an almost daily target for name-calling at Cheatham County Central High School.’It was like every day, every class,’ said 18-year-old Kaelynn Mooningham.”

She also said that “Rogers didn’t hide who he was. He wore tight-fitting clothes and shared outfits with girlfriends. He obsessed over Lady Gaga, dressing up as the pop star, making sketches of her and listening over and over to her gay anthem, ‘Born This Way.'”

Jacob had many difficulties, and his death has prompted a lot of debate in his school and community.  RIP, Jacob.  I wish the world had been a better place for you.


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