Chains and Fences

Writing in Jezebel, Anna North details the demeaning and humiliating treatment trans people have endured courtesy of the NYPD, and how unmotivated the police are to change their behavior:

Attorney Andrea Ritchie, one of the main attorneys working to get the NYPD to change its policy, confirmed Stapel’s statement — she said the NYPD was willing to have “conversations” about the treatment of trans detainees, but haven’t yet followed those up with actual change. She also confirmed that Breslauer, Adkins, and Combs (the last of whom she represents) were part of a pattern: NYPD officers frequently chain trans detainees up instead of putting them in cells. Also part of the pattern: unnecessary strip-searching, groping, and false arrests.

In NYPD Custody, Trans People Get Chained to Fences and Poles

Very disheartening, but lawsuits may force some much-needed change soon.


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