Coy Mathis, 6 years old

In the NY Times, Dan Frosch reports on the 6 year old transgender girl at the heart of a lawsuit in Colorado:

“Coy Mathis was born a boy. But after just a few years, biology succumbed to a more powerful force. A buzz cut grew into long hair. Jeans gave way to pink dresses. And the child’s big cheeks trembled with tears when anyone referred to Coy as male.”

Coy Mathis


Diana Comet and The Christmas Quilt


Very proud to release the first new Diana Comet story in 2 years!  It’s the story of a teenage girl who wants Diana Comet’s help in “fixing” her baby brother, who likes to dress in women’s clothing. I hope you enjoy reading it.  I had a lot of fun writing it, and thank you to Alex and Abby for their help in proofreading.

This story is (c) 2012 by Sandra McDonald.  Please feel free to share, but do not remix, tweak, build upon, take credit for, or use it in any commercial or non-commerical way.

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Happy holidays to all!


by Sandra McDonald

My brother Aaron is young enough to still believe in Father Christmas but too old to be wearing frilly dresses. So says Mom and Dad and our grandparents. I’m definitely too old to believe in imaginary old men but I’m iffy on the whole dress-like-a-girl thing. Who cares if my kid brother puts on lip gloss or clomps around in Mom’s shoes?

It doesn’t hurt anyone. He’s been doing it since he was old enough to drag clothes out of drawers. And it makes him happy.

Still, it’s kind of weird.

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Head Above Water

Thoughtful, wrenching account:

“Last week, as part of a cultural discovery project for one of my classes, I spent three days wearing ‘girls’ clothes while going about my day. I wanted to explore the general reaction and preconceptions that people in my city have to clothing, especially in regards to gender. To me, the idea that a piece of fabric or accessory can be so intertwined with who are in our conscious is perplexing.”

Head Above Water