Portraits depict ‘struggles and joys’ of older transgender adults.  Fabulous pictures!







Transgender Tweets of the Week

Here are 10 of my favorite recent tweets about issues affecting the transgender community. If you have any to share, please leave a message in the comments.  Follow me at @sandramcdonald if you’d like to see more.


Women’s colleges should reinvent themselves as havens for trans women. http://t.co/nQHH88bEJq

New York State Is Pushing Back On Health Care Discrimination Against #Transgender People http://t.co/Oda8xyf1dO #lgbt

For #BoldandBeautiful fans asking “Why we have to pay attention to this #transgender topic,” here’s why: http://t.co/qLRFilltoQ

Increasingly Visible, #Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes” Short US history. http://t.co/9wpcf0SKk0

Important new study: Supportive families and schools critical in protecting #transgender youth #health http://t.co/MkT0My0qKK

10 Prominent Millennials Making A Difference In The #Transgender Community http://t.co/LnQT8BjhUr

19% of #transgender women globally live w/ #HIV. We must do better on #LGBTI rights –  http://t.co/79riMym1Vo

Some fascinating advice in the Managing #Transgender Soldiers brief at the #Army #LGBT Conference. pic.twitter.com/kRj6lDRHO7

The Girl Scouts of America announce they will accept #transgender kids http://t.co/eJ36iZDW9C

7 things to know about #LGBT movement’s next frontier http://t.co/S6VMv47fxq

Delaying puberty

Delaying the onset of puberty in transgender kids is an important element in their physical and mental health. Imagine knowing you’re a girl but having male parts that embarrass you; imagine knowing you’re male but starting to grow breasts. This article talks about how doctors are able to help with hormone blockers.

Pausing Puberty