Transgender Tweets of the Week

Here are 10 of my favorite recent tweets about issues affecting the transgender community. If you have any to share, please leave a message in the comments.  Follow me at @sandramcdonald if you’d like to see more.


Women’s colleges should reinvent themselves as havens for trans women.

New York State Is Pushing Back On Health Care Discrimination Against #Transgender People #lgbt

For #BoldandBeautiful fans asking “Why we have to pay attention to this #transgender topic,” here’s why:

Increasingly Visible, #Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes” Short US history.

Important new study: Supportive families and schools critical in protecting #transgender youth #health

10 Prominent Millennials Making A Difference In The #Transgender Community

19% of #transgender women globally live w/ #HIV. We must do better on #LGBTI rights –

Some fascinating advice in the Managing #Transgender Soldiers brief at the #Army #LGBT Conference.

The Girl Scouts of America announce they will accept #transgender kids

7 things to know about #LGBT movement’s next frontier

Delaying puberty

Delaying the onset of puberty in transgender kids is an important element in their physical and mental health. Imagine knowing you’re a girl but having male parts that embarrass you; imagine knowing you’re male but starting to grow breasts. This article talks about how doctors are able to help with hormone blockers.

Pausing Puberty

Coy Mathis, 6 years old

In the NY Times, Dan Frosch reports on the 6 year old transgender girl at the heart of a lawsuit in Colorado:

“Coy Mathis was born a boy. But after just a few years, biology succumbed to a more powerful force. A buzz cut grew into long hair. Jeans gave way to pink dresses. And the child’s big cheeks trembled with tears when anyone referred to Coy as male.”

Coy Mathis